• A message from Director of BK 21 Plus Project

A message from Director of BK 21 Plus Project

A message from Director of

BK 21 Plus Project

The Department of Interaction Science offers Sungkyunkwan University's strategic graduate programs emphasizing human interactions with technologies. The Department is an education and research community that crosses the boundaries of social and cognitive science, design, and IT engineering.

Interaction Science enables students to connect different academic disciplines and to see how they draw on each other. Real-world problems involve creative and innovative thinking at the intersections of disciplinary knowledge and practice. Our multidisciplinary approach to Interaction Science education stresses the interconnections and diversity of thought needed to approach today's complex opportunities and problems. We encourage students to explore their own interests and develop new aptitudes as they discover interesting lines of inquiry.
Donghee Shin

We have unique and challenging academic programs. As added benefits to our students, we provide financial aids and scholarships. If you are motivated to engage the world and are looking for a graduate program to help you do that, I encourage you to contact the Dept. of Interaction Science.

The Department of Interaction at SKKU is unique in that most of its faculty work in three fields: human-computer interaction, human-information interaction, and digital media & content. I invite students interested in pursuing an Interaction Science research to meet our faculty, and get more specific information and advice on requirements, courses, and departmental activities in general.