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Kwanmin Lee Professor


At present
- Professor
Department of Interaction Science, Sunkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea, 110-745

Tel: 82-2- 740-1863 (Korea)
Fax: 82-2-740-1863 (Korea)
Kwan M. LEE (Ph.D., Stanford) is the founding director of Interaction Science Research Center and the founding WCU (World Class University) professor of the Department of Interaction Science at Sungkyunkwan University. Previously, Lee was a tenured associate professor at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California (USC), the chair of the Communication & Technology Division of the International Communication Association (ICA), and a vice president of Samsung Electronics. At Samsung, Lee was the director of the User Experience (UX) group and the Creative Lab (C-Lab), and led developments of new products and services for its visual display (VD) division through: user experience (UX) planning and strategy, open innovations and outside partnerships, and internal incubations of creative projects at C-Lab.

Lee specializes in psychological effects of communication and information technologies, user experience (UX), and human machine interaction including human computer interaction (HCI) and human robot interaction (HRI). Lee has published over 60 articles and book chapters at major academic journals and textbooks in Communication, Human Computer Interaction, and Psychology. His articles are frequently cited in the fields of Communication and HCI, and are adopted widely as major course readings at leading academic institutes such as Stanford, MSU, Penn, USC, etc. His research findings have been covered by Washington Post, BBC News, USA Today, and other major news agencies. Lee’s research funding exceeds 12 million US dollars. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation (USA), the Annenberg Foundation, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (S. Korea), Korea Information Strategy Development Institute, Samsung Electronics, and Hyundai Motors.

Lee received multiple top paper awards and a distinguished young scholar award from various academic associations such as ICA, AEJMC, KACA, and HCI. Lee also received three endowed fellowships from Stanford University. Lee received multiple teaching awards including USC Mellon Award for excellence in mentoring and teaching, and was nominated for Provost Award for Teaching with Technology. Lee has served editorial boards of more than 10 top academic journals including Journal of Communication, Human Communication Research, Media Psychology, International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, and Journal of Computer Mediated Communication. Lee is one of nine advisory board members of the MIT Cognet, and was an associate editor of MIT Press journal, Presence (2013-2014). Lee holds multiple international patents and patents pending in smart display interfaces, remote controller, gesture control, and multi media production.
Major field of study
- Human-Technology Interaction; Human Computer Interaction; Human Robot Interaction
- Digital Media and Contents; Computer Games; New Media; IPTV
- Evolutionary Perspectives on Virtual Human Experience
- Feelings of Presence, Immersion, and Involvement

- KACA Distinguished Young Scholar Award, Korean American Communication Association, 2008.
- USC-Mellon Awards for Excellence in Mentoring. University of Southern California, 2007.
- Best Paper Award, HCI 2007 Conference, S. Korea, 2007.
- Recognized by Essential Science Indicators as having a publication listed among the top 1% of articles cited in the field according to the ISI Web of Science, 2004.
- Top Paper Award & Top Student Paper Award, International Communication Association (ICA), 2001, 2002.

논문편수 및 연구과제 건수 요약(2001~2009)

- 국제논문 33편, 국제 학술 회의 34편
- 국제 A급 논문 (SSCI) 17편
- 교육과학부 선정 World Top 10% 저널 등재 논문 5편
- 연구과제 9건, 연구비 수주: 100억 이상
- 다수의 논문이 현재 Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin, University of Oklahoma, Boston College등에서 학부 및 대학원 필독 교재로 쓰이고 있음.

국제 저널 편집 위원 활동(Current Editorial Board Member)

- Human Communication Research (교육과학부 선정 World Top 10% 저널)
- Journal of Communication (교육과학부 선정 World Top 10% 저널)
- Media Psychology (SSCI 저널)
- Korean Prospect (Founding Member)
- The Open Communication Journal
- The Ergonomics Open Journal
- International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning
- The Open Business Journal

초청강연(Keynote Speeches & Invited Talks)

- 국제 : Cornell University, University of Michigan, Northwestern University,  
           University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University, University of Kansas, RPI, Institute for Creative Technology, UC San
         Diego, Information Science Institute, Center for Telecommunication Management (USC), LG-Techno Conference 
 - 국내 : 서울대학교, 연세대학교, KAIST, 삼성종합기술원, 국군 교육 사령부, NC Soft, World Game Culture Conference 


- 국제 : USA Today, The Washington Post, The Detroit Press, BBC News, Online Journalism Review, Greater Good Magazine 
           (UC Berkeley), Science Daily, etc. 
- 국내 : 중앙일보, Game Industry Journal, Mckinsey & Company, 전자신문, 등. 


- Conference Organizing Committee / Board Member: Meaningful Play, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI, USA (2008); Annual International Workshop on Presence, University of Padova, Italy (2008), University of Southern California, USA (2009)
- One of 17 National Board Members for Serious Games Committee, Minister of Culture and Tourism, S. Korea. 2008.
- Advisory Director of Community Research, Encino Chamber of Commerce, Encino, CA., USA, 2006
- Vice President, Korean American Communication Association (KACA), 2005 - 2007.
- Founding Member, ICA Interest Group in Game Studies. International Communication Association. 2005