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Lee, Daeho Professor

Digital Information, IT Convergence, Internet of Things

Seoul National University, Ph.D., Economics, 2011.8.
Seoul National University, B.S., Electrical Engineering, 2001.2.

Professional Experience:
Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Interaction Science, 2015.3.-
Research Fellow, Korea Information Society Development Institute, 2013.9.-2015.2.
Research Professor, Seoul National University, 2012.6.-2013.8.
Visiting Scholar, University of Pittsburgh, 2011.9.-2012.5.
Research Papers:
Jungwoo Shin, Jihoon Hong, Daeho Lee. (2016). Strategic Management of Next-Generation Connected Life: Focusing on Smart Key and Car-Home. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 103, 11-20.

Jungwoo Shin, Yuri Park, Daeho Lee. (2015). Google TV or Apple TV? — The reasons for Smart TV failure and a user-centered strategy for the success of Smart TV. Sustainability, 7(12), 15955-15966.

Jungwoo Shin, Joongha Ahn, Daeho Lee. (2015). The impact of diversification with and without commodity bundling on corporate performance: an empirical analysis in Korea telecommunication, Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

Jungwoo Shin, Jae Young Choi, Daeho Lee. (Forthcoming). Model for Studying Commodity Bundling with a Focus on Consumer Preference: Evidence from the Korea telecommunications market, Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International.

Hongbum Kim, Donghee Shin, Daeho Lee. (2015). A socio-technical analysis of software policy in Korea: Towards a keystone policy for building ICT ecosystems, Telecommunications Policy.

Daeho Lee, Jungwoo Shin, Sangwon Lee. (2015). Network management in the era of convergence: Focusing on application-based quality assessment of Internet access service, Telecommunications Policy.

Hongbum Kim, Daeho Lee, Junseok Hwang. (2016). Measuring the Efficiency of Standardisation Policy Using Meta-Frontier Analysis: A Case of Mobile Platform Standardisation, International Journal of Mobile Communications.

Eungdo Kim, Daeho Lee, Khee-Su Bae, Myunghwan Rim. (2015). Developing and Evaluating a New ICT Innovation System: A Case of Korea’s Smart Media Industry, ETRI Journal, 37(5), 1044-1054.

Changjun Lee, Daeho Lee (Corresponding), Junseok Hwang. (2015). Platform openness and the productivity of content providers: A meta-frontier analysis, Telecommunications Policy, 39(7), 553-562.

Daeho Lee, Yonghwa Kim (Corresponding). (2014). Empirical Evidence of Network Neutrality, Information Economics and Policy, 29, 1-9.

Manseok Jo, Jungwoo Shin (Corresponding), Daeho Lee (2014). Strategic Management of Cloud Services: Focusing on Consumer Adoption Behavior, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 61(3), 419-427.

Daeho Lee, Hongbum Kim (Corresponding). (2014). The effects of network neutrality on the diffusion of new Internet application services, Telematics and Informatics, 31(3), 386-396.

Anhyuk Yang, Daeho Lee (Corresponding), Junseok Hwang, Jungwoo Shin. (2013). The influence of regulations on the efficiency of telecommunications operators: A meta-frontier analysis, Telecommunications Policy, 37(11), 1071-1082.

Choong Hee Lee, Daeho Lee (Corresponding), Junseok Hwang. (2012). Research on Public Remuneration of Open Content based on Collective License. Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice, 14(4), 574-596.

Daeho Lee (Corresponding), Junseok Hwang. (2012). Keeping the network neutral: Game theory analysis on Internet service provider discrimination against application service providers. INFORMATION, An International Interdisciplinary Journal, 15(4), 1435-1460.

Youngsang Cho, Junseok Hwang, Daeho Lee (Corresponding). (2012). Identification of effective opinion leaders in the diffusion of technological innovation: A social network approach. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 79(1), 97-10.

Ahreum Hong, Daeho Lee (Corresponding), Junseok Hwang. (2011). Metafrontier production function analysis of horizontal and vertical integration in Korea's cable TV industry. Journal of Media Economics, 24(4), 221-236.

Daeho Lee (Corresponding), Junseok Hwang. (2011). Network neutrality and difference in efficiency among Internet application service providers: A meta-frontier analysis. Telecommunications Policy, 35(8), 764-772.

Daeho Lee, Ahreum Hong (Corresponding), Minjung Son, Junseok Hwang. (2011). Convergence and Merger Performance of Acquiring Firms in the Broadcasting and Telecommunication Industries. INFORMATION, An International Interdisciplinary Journal, 14(6), 1903-1924.

Daeho Lee. (2010). Network Neutrality and the Efficiency of Internet Application Service Providers: A Meta-Frontier Analysis, in: Almas Heshmati and Sun Peng (Eds), Information and Communication Technologies Policies and Practices. NOVA Publishers, pp. 105-118.
Major field of study
Human-Computer Interaction in Digital Content

ICT Policy

Internet of Things
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